Our Services


Our Deconstruction and Demolition Services

We will first meet you at your project site and identify your priorities.  Afterward, we will develop a materials recovery plan and scope of work that meet your goals (ex: Cost Savings, Waste Diversion, LEED Project). Then we will submit a service proposal, and, if applicable, we will facilitate a free estimate of the donation value of your materials (completed by a 3rd party appraisal group). 


Full Deconstruction

We'll take your building, house, garage, or shed apart in the reverse order that it was built.  As we dissemble the materials, we will sort them on-site and ensure they are donated and/or recycled. 


Selective Deconstruction

Selective deconstruction means we will remove items out of the house or commercial space that are easily salvageable and recyclable.  We can also manage items that will go to the landfill but our aim is to maximize reuse/recyclability whenever possible.